For granted,No

”Hips broaden stand up! Hips broaden stand up! ” he commanded”. Are they not here ?”. For the last time, hips broaden stand up! ”. In his head he expected to see every girl standing whenever he mentioned the different changes that occurred in us during adolescence. Being shy and not wanting to accept the fact that we were growing old. We remained seated (rude).

“Go get me a cane from the staff room!” he ordered. That moment you realize he was actually serious and wanted us to stand whether our hips were broaden or not. The canes that landed on our bums thereafter made us regret why in hell we seated.

In class 6, I hated science lessons. I woke up everyday, got to class and the first thing I checked was the timetable to see if there was a science lesson? and if yes – what time and for how long. The science teacher was a no-nonsense man. I was afraid of him like a plague. Seeing him at the door made my whole body shake(poor me!).

He always expected a clean board whenever he came to class. Otherwise those who sat on the front row received thorough beatings. During his classes he asked questions and pointed to anyone to answer. Failure to which invited punishment. After every topic there was a quiz which he expected everyone to pass unless one wanted beatings. It was hell of lessons.

Despite my fear for him, I loved how he gave his all when it came to teaching. He taught with so much love, enthusiasm, passion and vigor. All he wanted was for everyone to know, love, talk and drink science. Any practical lessons could not be passed without being done. I remember carrying maize and beans for germination lessons. We could carry fish and meat(I am talking of real fish) for preservation lessons. We even went to a cattle dip to see how animals were dipped. Not to mention the nature walks we took to see different types of erosion. It is a long list that I may not be able to exhaust .

As long as you were in his class,you had no excuse to not excel in science. Every class he taught led in subject ranking every other time. He kept us glued on our science books through the random questions he threw at us.

School was not a place I looked forward to because of science lessons. I was always on the wrong side of him and was not good enough to answer all his questions correctly. I got most of the beatings guys. Ironically, thinking of these old times make me happy because as Freud once said, ”One day,in retrospect, the years of the struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”.

His lessons brought about being bold as a person. Whenever you answered a question you were to speak loudly and with confidence. There, is where I got courage to be bold with the inevitable changes adolescence brought. I can not say I grasped it so well not to be shy. Most times I struggled a lot with shyness. So much happening in my body like (breast popping out, hips trying to broaden causing painful thighs, hair coming out through some parts of my body) was overwhelming to take in at once. But I can not take for granted the efforts he took to help us build confidence within ourselves (rest easy Argwings Gaya).

Every girl wanted to look young. We silently denied the fact that adolescence was hitting on us. Wrapping our heads around that fact took us so long. I remember faking a hump to hide the small breast that started coming out from my chest. Besides that, I could wear so many clothes inside my uniform and wear my sweater the whole time (things I did out of ignorance).

Growing old felt like inviting responsibilities into your comfortable life, I would say. As an older sister,that meant added responsibilities like washing clothes, cooking, ironing and taking care of the younger ones (felt like a mother all over sudden).

The adolescence change that stood out of all was menstruation. You know those visitors who come into your place uninvited? Menstruation is the head of them. The good thing was,when it came, I had my cousin who had experienced it though had little knowledge of how it should be handled. I was afraid to tell my mum about it so I opted to use an old pair of socks and inside it placed a piece of mattress or a piece of blanket. I changed them twice a day (at lunch time and in the evening) and washed them for reuse. It took me long to tell my mum but she finally noticed and all was good after.

For her(my cousin), after noticing she had started periods, she had no idea what to do. So she went to school with nothing to prevent the flow(gross). She looked forward to lunch break because it was the best time for her to wash her skirt uniform and her mess before heading back to school. She smelled bad but had to assume just to concentrate during her lessons. I wonder how she managed to get through the stigma that comes with bad odor.

It took her long to find a solution. Fortunately, she came to Nairobi to visit her uncle, coincidentally, menses accompanied her(hahaha). Good luck the house manager noticed her struggle then talked to her aunt to help out. She bought some pads for her, gave them to the house manager who proceeded to teach her how to use them(what a kind gesture).

When she went back home, she had a struggle buying the pads though she knew what to do. The money given to her to buy sweets by her dad she saved for buying pads. It is not that she lacked. Courage is what she lacked. Courage to say she wanted help on her then current situation.

If we can be confident to just speak out and ask for what we are entitled to, such suffering will never be. We never chose to be girls and neither do we choose to have periods every month.

There is this misnomer that if a lady experiences adolescence changes at an early age then she knows more(anajua mingi). That is not true. Most girls shy away to ask for help because they will be seen as bad people. Let us normalize period talks, educate our young girls that it is okay to have periods at whatever age and they should not fear to ask for help if need be.

We should not as well shy away from buying pads from shops or picking as many pads as possible from a supermarket. We always think everyone is looking at us buying pads but no one cares.

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The Love Of My Life

The heaviness in my heart was too much to bear.I bet my weight would have shot up to 100 kg if I weighed myself. Looking around, I saw judgy eyes looking at me.You know the way you can pick someone from a crowd to have a small talk with? I could not see a best fit for a small talk then. Hatred filled the atmosphere,I could smell it as it forced itself through my nostrils.The pain it left behind as it reached my lungs was just too much.I got tired of feeling pain. I had lost love, lost peace, lost trust from my family. I felt alone and needed someone to give me a helping hand,someone to show me direction ,someone to light my path so I could see,someone to show me the right path to follow,someone to assure me that I am on the right track,someone to bring my bones back to life.Depression knocked. I met Him on the night of first January 2016.

As I laid on the couch that night waiting to watch groove awards, my heart yearned for something-something that I did know and did not know at the same time but all I knew was ,I craved for peace,love ,attention and care which no one was wiling to give me at that time.The good thing is, I had set a date with someone special that night of first January 2016 and when the moment came! the excitement was surreal.The joy in my heart, I confess, was on another level. His appearance made my heart leap and his glance was full of so much love and pity reminding me of how much I had gone through.As his eyes penetrated my wounded heart, I could feel the lacerations stitching and the pain going down. “All I want is for you to look at me like that forever,” I thought to myself. What followed was a deep conversation that I have never had with anyone-so refreshing and relieving.

The heaviness in my heart suddenly disappeared.I could not hold back my tears anymore.They rolled down my cheeks forcibly.Clearly,then was the right time for them to come out.I was grateful that eventually I found someone who could listen with understanding and empathize with me.Standing in front of me was the solution I have been looking for. He proposed and if you understand the meaning of ”no hesitation” then you know the rate at which my ”yes” came out of my mouth.

On his face ,I saw a smile,a genuine smile exuding pure love. It was like my ” yes” was the only thing he was waiting for and from how He spoke, my heart felt protected. I was assured of his intention for my life and that melted my heart.Shocked by how on earth someone could still see me as special.

He grabbed my right hand by surprise and slightly kissed the back of my hand.That got me, I swear, and it was the best feeling I had in such a long time.Peace clouded my heart and I was very excited to start this new journey and to be a good girl once again. Above all, I wanted my family’s love back more than anything. He left and there I was, alone.

For some moment I felt ,no ,this is not what I wanted .I do not want commitments! Does it mean that I will not be able to do some things in my life? Oh no?What have I signed up for?Will I enjoy my life?What is the meaning of living if you have to be under rules like do not do this, do not do that!?but a memory struck me and changed my perception.Someone once said that, It is okay to have such fears.

The journey with Him has been great! challenging but not the way I expected it to be. I thought I was to just be present in the relationship and everything run smoothly but No, it required putting in work and sacrifice. I needed to seek him every time through prayers and reading His word because that’s how the relationship grows. It is always more about Him and less about me(sounds selfish but worthwhile) and when one gives herself fully to him everything in her life stays under his control and the peace that he promises in his word – that which surpasses all the understanding becomes her guard (Philippians 4:7).Getting to know him every day and every time has been the most interesting thing ever and I can say for sure He is sweet having tasted his goodness(Psalms 34:8).He has kept me in check.Even though there are times I get so lost in the things of the world, He has always been patient with me,understanding and always lets me in His life again and again.

I remember several months after we met I fell sick and thought well could the punishment for my deeds came so late.I knew I deserved it but did not expect it, Him being kind, generous, and loving, He sent His word and I got healed.How GREAT! Sometimes I think of the much He has done in my life and feel indebted to Him. “Will I ever leave Him?! ” ” No!”.

The relationship is not as perfect and we may not be the power couple people are looking for but we embrace our imperfections! I love you God.Thank you for being in my life.

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A Conversation With Me

I decided to ask myself a few but not so serious questions” Thank you for having me miss Valary, It is my pleasure!” ,and  without further ado lets get into the questions!

What is your name?

My name is Valary Opiyo Otieno. Most people call me Val – my mum inclusive,though I have a special name (Nyagoro)  which I prefer only my dad to use.

Where are you from?

I stay in Nairobi currently though I am from Ahero.

Why did you come to Nairobi?

Good question.I know many people came because of University. For me is very different. It was not my plan but their plan. I came to Nairobi because they(I will not mention who they are) wanted me to come to Nairobi. I, being oblivious, I have never asked why but what I know is that after being caught sneaking out at night one day, two day later, I was asked to come to Nairobi.I have been in Nairobi since 2013 after doing my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.Since then,ironically, I have been a visitor to my home, always staying a few days then coming back to Nairobi.

How has been your stay in Nairobi?

Nairobi has been good and bad.Why bad?because, sometimes I feel I was denied family love and company as a growing young person who was trying to find herself and her voice and who really needed parental guide.I grew fearing my parents and after finishing high-school I thought it was the best time to bring them close and have enough time with them but there were other plans.My wish is I could have stayed with my family longer as a growing young person rather than staying away from home.Staying away from home meant I was in this life alone.No one cares too much about you but about them.”Nairobi onge min ngato(Nairobi has no mother hahaha)”, they say.

What advise can you give to aspiring parents and to yourself?

Be a guide to your children but do not dictate what they do in their lives,let them decide for themselves.Make sure you create a warm, calm and free environment where there is no fear. It is sweet when a child can approach you as a parent with anything that crosses his/her mind- It yields pure love. In addition, do not allow your children to stay with anyone but you the parent.If it is money you lack, I believe a child who genuinely loves you will understand that. Sending him or her to stay away from home is denying them your love and company. I am afraid they will search for it elsewhere and you will label them as hoes and thieves when the problem was you. Childhood contributes much in a child, be careful while parenting.

What makes you happy?

So many things make me happy ,just to mention a few:  Being able to get things done is something that makes me happy.The satisfaction it gives is out of this world.Having a naked conversation with a friend with no judgements but pure love brings joy to my heart.Lastly, being respected,complemented and appreciated delivers joy to my heart.

What do you love doing?

I love complementing people. I love making people feel good about themselves.I also  love reading but not too much! My concentration span never allows me to read much.I am here wondering if I have answered the question correctly!(maybe you(reader) tell me!).

What do you hate about some people?

I hate people who despise those around them. I believe everyone is special in a way and him or her not being able to do one thing doesn’t make him/her foolish. I am certain there are other things they are excellent at. I do not also like those who judge other people by what they can or can not do. The Bible says “Judge not so you will not be judge ” ,in addition, it says ”Do to others what you would want to be done to you.” Make the environment around you accomodative -no one is perfect!

What Character do you hate about yourself ?

I hate that I am an oblivious person. I bet I have missed out on a lot of things because of this but it’s life. I am working to being a curious person and it has been a great journey.I as well doubt myself so much and I hate it.More oftenly, I look at myself through people’s eyes(external validation)- I swear it is not healthy.

What do you struggle with most?

Correcting a friend. I care so much about how they will feel after I correct them. Very toxic right!? Clearly I am not that good friend you would want to have.

What do you hate about life!?

I hate the fact that everything is vanity. There is no one hundred percent guarantee for a better life however much you put effort in your work.Ultimately, you die leaving everything you worked for , but in all, seek Christ so that when you lose everything you have Him to hold on to.

What do you fear most about life?

Dying without having made my two favorite humans proud of me.

What are the lessons this life has taught you?

Be patient with yourself.I am always on the go after things. Things that are somewhere seated with their right leg on their left thigh popping champagnes. Things that are somewhere just waiting for me.Life is best lived when you take things slowly(mos mos).It has as well taught me that every plan we make has to be accompanied by prayer because it’s God who makes the plans happen. Life is a constant Roller coaster of emotions and if you get a chance to be happy, make use of it fully. Lastly, people only associate with you when you have a title to your name or have achieved something,otherwise, you will be treated as a nobody.

What can cheer you up in a sad moment?

Kind words to me erase sadness from my heart.

What is the one thing you can tell your younger self?

Nothing has ever been achieved over night. It takes everydays’ persistence, practice and consistency. Take one thing at a time and perfect in it. You can not learn everything at ago.It is okay not to know, and there is always a first time in everything.Never feel bad not knowing something.

What can you say about your childhood compared to your youthful life?

I enjoyed my childhood more than my adulthood. As a child I lived as a free spirit, with nothing to be worried about but how to win the rope skipping game,fun huh! As a youth, I have lived a reserved life.I have denied myself so much and that is not how life should be lived. Live life, and have fun making sure you do what makes you happy. Life is too short to be worried about things you do not have control of. Make life out of what you have.

What’s your opinion on sex before marriage?

Live making sure you have a clear conscience at the end of the day and that God is pleased and happy with you.

What can you say is the main course of failure in businesses you have done in your life?

Not knowing the meaning of sacrifice and being impatient.I have always thought that success is an overnight thing. I did not know that to be successful you need to be determined, master the art of sacrifice and be patient with yourself. For the people who trusted me with their businesses, I am sorry for messing them up. We can give it another shot ,you know, now that I self aware.

What do you like about your parents and how can you describe your relationship with them?

Hahaha my relationship with my parents is complicated, not in a bad way. I can say we are friendly but not friends just as Eddie Ashioya said. Read this  to understand  what  I mean. My mum is very hard working and am sure the goals and wishes she envisioned for her family she has achieved. If you want serious things done in time, then my mum is the go to person. She is very passionate in everything she does and kind in person.Not to forget how jovial she is.We are all silent people in out home am pleased to say she is always the one who brings stories to the t able.On the other hand, my dad is a very calm, and respectful person. Respect sounds big and complicated but it’s very simple, as simple as not stepping on a wet floor that have mopped(that is how low I go with respect). My dad talks with respect. Kind words never run out of his mouth when speaking.He is the head of the house,we know, but that doesn’t stop him from requesting to get a cup of water or to get anything done to him. It doesn’t cost you a dollar to say ”Please, get me a cup of water”.I love respect and if you want us to be friends then you must have some respect. You want to know why I hate people? look no further because tend to own people and conversion talking with authority and so much disrespect. Above everything, he believes in me and that’s all that matters.

What does love mean to you?

Love means so many things.One, it is being able to keep someone in your heart and just wish the very best for them. Some of us do not know how to keep love candle burning but I believe their is no standard way of expressing love.You can express it in whichever way you can  as long as the people you love remain your heart.

What is the worst childhood memory?

I have so many,but the one that stands out is being denied to visit my grand parents. One day, in December 2004, I gathered enough courage, enough to help me speak to my dad. That time he was seated outside in a plastic chair.With my two tiny legs, I matched towards him making no sound so I do not alert him.Making sure I kept reasonable reasonable distance from him,just in case things did not turn out well, I asked ” Baa wanyalo dhi limo dani (Dad can we go visit grandma )? The answer was a No with no explanation and I felt very disappointed .Sorry to say but from that day, we stopped visiting our grandmother until this day that I am writing this article.Since the I lost interest in traveling, visiting people and visiting places.If you ask me the location of a place and I tell you I do not know it, please do not judge me.

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Work hard,graduate ,get a job that pays well,build my parents a mansion,go to a vacation in Zanzibar or any place,buy whatever my head thinks of,build my own mansion,with a swimming pool in it,be this sassy lady with nice outfits,spiced with a gym(wow).All these were just dreams that I thought will start unfolding immediately I finished campus but God has a way of showing you He is the boss by telling you(indirectly) to sit on the floor and wait for His commands.These dreams are never achieved however we want them.They take sometime and only the lucky ones get them their way. I remember looking down upon those who walked around in the village without jobs after graduation and not knowing my time is on its way(karma).’Tarmacing” is so real! I always look back and just laugh at how we were encouraged to work hard so as to secure good jobs in future and listening to “Someni vijana muongeze juu ya bidii mwisho wa kusoma utapata kazi nzuri sana” which is a big lie by the way; there are no jobs out here(only for the lucky ones),and just so you know, I am on my a millionth book looking for the truth in it.

Life is interesting sometimes, you can work really hard but get nothing out of it, other times you put no effort but get everything you ever wanted. My head wonders if there is a list for distributing blessings,whereby if your name misses from it count yourself not lucky😁because the rate at which some of us suffer is too much.The lesson that I have learnt when it comes to making plans for yourself is :make plans ,do what you are supposed to do to achieve the plans,but have an open mind when it comes to the outcome(People may plan all kinds of things but the Lord’s will is going to be done,Proverbs 19:21).

You graduate but your life seems to be stagnant compared to that of your friend’s.No progress no nothing while people are making moves to being managers.You ask yourself questions like where you went wrong but looking at things around, you are just fine;if it’s prayer you pray so hard,if its learning you try to at least learn something in a day-you aren’t lazy ,you apply for every job that comes your way not minding your level of education because the only thing you want is some cash to at least sort the landlord and buy some food.It always reaches a point where the degree you have doesn’t make sense.”Anything will work for me”,you say.You finally get a job and find that the workmate seated next to you is a form four leaver waiting to join campus-such an humiliation!(you think to yourself) What goes into your head is what’s the point of wasting four years in campus when you can get a job straight out of high school.You get really mad,your ego crashes with no traces.You talk to a friend and she encourages you,”It is for a start, more is coming your way”.The question is when will that be?You swallow everything so forcefully and give the job your best shot as you gaze over the ajar window not to miss out on a passing employer in case one passes by.Such is life!

You compare your salary with the tones of money your mum could send you to pay for your campus fees and just laugh at how ridiculous and absurd it is.What do parents think and how do they feel when we fail to get the good jobs after sacrificing everything to pay for our schooling?I know they take us as ungrateful beings but somethings are beyond our control.One day, I promise, one day, things will work out and we will make you proud-it is about time,patience and waiting for God’s will to be done.In the mean time, please, bear with us.

A while ago I thought if God could write off some people’s problems and promise them lives full of happiness and joy ,they will be grateful.I have seen people who have really suffered most of their lives and there is no hope of any miracle happening anytime soon.It saddens the heart when you work really hard to get yourself a well paying job or get yourself into a good secondary school or start living the best of your life then out of nowhere something happens;something that changes you,and changes the orientation of your life: you later lose your job,you stop going to school ,you die etc.-everything stops and you start from nothing. All the things you ever did becomes vanity.When Solomon says meaningless meaningless , everything is meaningless, it resonates so well with you.If only life could alert people on the tragedies awaiting.God could you please give them a chance to go back to their normal life and kiss it goodbye before everything changes? it can be a huge favor. My prayer is that one day or someday ,they will get back their lives,and enjoy the less it can offer.

What amazes me is how strong the people are, and how happy they are amidst everything which is so encouraging.Oftenly we are reminded of patience and trust in God. Most times it doesn’t work because we are wired to want quick things, and if that doesn’t happen we move to the next and to the next, at the end of the day we end up with nothing(sad). When pursuing life please note that you will never get what you want.Be hopeful,give up not,pray hard.

Respect(My Way)

Respect.What does respect mean?Mr.Google says,”Respect is to admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.No need to dig in further it’s well put for everyone’s understanding.

I don’t get it when we have to talk of disrespect.I love respect and if “he” decides to propose I would say YES without a blink🤣.

Respect is beautiful sorry handsome and when you show it(him) to someone they feel appreciated and worthy of themselves. It takes little to make someone happy.

It bothers me when society labels respect to fear,that when I fear you I respect you and I do not ship any bit of it.It took me time to realize you can respect someone without fearing them-how beautiful!Respect is so simple I do not know why people complicate it.If it is to admire someone’s abilities, qualities and achievements then it should be easy for us to respect people whether young or old.I love the bible and everything in it; the book of Romans 12:6 says “So we should use our gifts in accordance with the grace that God has given us,,,”to me, it means each and everyone has a gift and should be respected.How hard it is to give some respect?Must I win the Grammy awards or Chaguo la Teeniez award to earn the respect?Really people?We are flawed but that does not mean I deserve your disrespect when you find me drunk outside my gate.Where is love? We talk of love but fail to mention respect-the two words are best mentioned in the same statement(please remember that).

Respect is earned,they say.Someone please, take me to the company that offers respect,I would love to work there to earn the ” respect ”, if it’s to be worked for. I slept here trying to find the meaning and truth of the statement.It’s unfortunate it wasn’t worthwhile. Respect is respect give or take. It will cost you nothing not even your life to respect to a drunk man.

Hell no! Did I hear someone say respect yourself first! -well that’s gross! Look into why someone isn’t respecting herself before you make judgment!

Just show some respect to that girl next door ,and to that boy seated next to you.

Thank you for reading to the end!

Be Nice

That one person believing in you really means the most.Sometimes the tunnel is very dark from the entrance and you realize the adage that goes there is always light at the end of a tunnel doesn’t make sense to you.All you need is someone to offer some light even if it’s a match stick light for you to just see where the entrance is before you start off your journey.

We sometimes reach a point where not even our arms can move to pick a toothbrush .You are dead and alive at the same time(weird right?) It happens most times if not all the time and occurs when things don’t seem moving around you.Every goal is but a dream.Your emotions are dead and you feel worthless; less of a human. At that point someone can really be of great help talking you out of the situation. Look out for people sometimes and help in case you find them not in the right head space. Many never want to speak out and by you starting a conversation helps start open up.

Be that friend who checks on people once in a while ,be that friend who is willing to listen ,be that friend who is approachable ,be that caring friend.People fail to approach others with their problems because those around them seem so judgemental .No one ever wants to be judged not even the bible allows that and (Mathew 7:1-5) explains it all for us.If we can accept the fact that things happen ,as long we are on earth, we should expect anything and everything. I hate seeing people behaving as if somethings were meant to happen in Venus and not on Earth and for your information it has happened and that means it could have happened no where else but on Earth.We should learn to empathise and not judge others.Things happen to people ,to animals, to anything and we do not have to label people by them.In all ,we still remain to be a chosen people by God ;wonderfully and beautifully created in his image and likeness.Please note: He never said when someone gets pregnant before time she should be labelled as careless,gullible and clumsy-what’s the big deal ?be nice!

Let Out

Crying is always cathartic to me.Moreso when I feel overwhelmed with emotions within.My emotions spring so fast in occassions that are so uncalled for, like the weather does.One minute I am this bubbly human with so much happiness in her ,the next minute I find myself regreting being human.It is always a rollercoaster of emotions from one to next and that’s how my days goes most times(not interesting right?).

I overthink all time but not everytime(have i made sense).I just never let my mind breathe the way you can one day decide not to wear your best outfit because you have been in it for the longest time.Every little thing done to me requires an analysis (I wish i was one in real life-a data analyst).When you overthink you mess your emotions; Let things be the way they are ,maybe that deeper meaning doesn’t even matter.For instance ,me in a good mood then someone says “move your leg”.My ear with take the statement then pass it to my brain cells for analysis research questions being : why has she told me to do that,does she hate me? is my leg that big to prevent someone from doing her things ?finding answers to these questions causes chaos in me.The result being a cloud of sad emotions within.In such moments I find myself crying and I swear the after-feeling is always the best; equated to the feeling after making peace.

Feed yourself with positive things and do not let your emotions take over yourself all damn time.


I lived not knowing people should brush their teeth everyday.Hata sikuwa na toothbrush.The few days I decided to brush ,I used my dad’s old tooth brush.Did not know about diseases of the Mouth.My world was free of diseases of the mouth -chicken pox was the disease I knew could be transmitted to the next person.

In 2006 I got transferred to a new school at adolescence stage- adolescence stage is class 6.

Insecurities came knocking at my door.I felt unworthy ,unloved,ugly,dirty name them.

I then noticed my classmates started avoiding me.Didn’t know why but realized it was because I had a bad breathe hahaha(let me laugh now because its a gone case)

Did not know an instant solution to it.I wasn’t in good communication with my mum or any one,so had no one to talk to.

Sitting next to someone then after a few minutes you see them blocking their nose with their fingers felt depressing.I could not concentrate in class😕😔.I thought of the next person’s reactions instead of thinking of how to solve the math written on the board.I avoided talking to people while close to them.Became the quiet one in class.Sikuwa napatikana kwa noise makers list🤣.I avoided sitting next to people ,my mouth could smell hata bila kuifungua😄.It was a struggle.

Tulikuwa tunakaa kwa desks ,and when the teacher assigned us seatmates.I prayed I get assigned me .So I don’t sit next to anyone(poor me🤦🏻‍♀).

Everyday I could wake up and wish it was a holiday or a weekend.I hated school-hated going to school to have only me as a friend .I wasn’t social .I could sit and watch people play .Or if I decided to play I played doubting myself.I did not always feel the play.

During one of the holidays,I decided to thoroughly wash my dad’s toothbush and began my tooth brushing journey .I brushed after every meal ,in the morning and in the evening.Until one day I smelt my breathe and felt so happy ,because it wasn’t smelling bad as before.

I longed for school to open just to sit and talk next to people.Finally felt a huge load off my chest.Atleast my esteem was boosted to a new level -maybe 10%😉 which was not bad because it has been at zero all along.

Since then,have always been conscious of my breathe and I am now excited💃🏼 because I finally found an instant solution(TOOTHGEL) .

I don’t have to brush all the time,only twice maximum🤞🏼.Besides my gums don’t have to hurt because of too much brushing😓.

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Vitality In Men



Some relief Comes when we achieve things our hearts have always desired and when we find solutions to problems we have experienced as long as we can remember.

As a man,how much more can you feel when you find a solution to a problem you have sought it’s solution for a long time?

Sometimes we almost give up looking for solutions but as the saying goes, Every problem under the sun Must have a solution.

I am sincerely happy to bring you this *perfect solution* that will help boost your stamina, energy and endurance with perfect erection.

You deserve respect from your wife having been given authority over her.

Do things that will earn her respect for you.

Below are the products that have worked so well for alot of people – A combination of Aloe Vera gel + Argi+ + Ginkgo


This is a powerful detox drink which helps in eliminating harmful stored toxins in the body.

These toxins are the ones which cause unnecessary fatigue and tiredness.

And that’s why he used to get fatigued while we were making love,these toxins also prevent the absorption of nutrients by the body, making the body to lack certain nutrients.

The gel also helps in giving one a healthy digestive system.

1 litre of aloe vera gel will last you for one week.


ARGI+ contains L-arginine, an amino acid that’s so potent, scientists refer to it as the “Miracle Molecule”.

And for good reason, because our bodies convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and open wide for greater blood flow.

Greater blood flow supports many important functions in our bodies including:-

  • Healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Overall cardiovascular health
  • Immune function.
  • Bone, muscle & tissue growth and repair.
  • Male sexual Function by enhancing harder & longer lasting erections courtesy easier & more blood flow to the organ.
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Normalizing hormone production.
  • Powerful antioxidant.
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Boosts stamina, endurance and energy levels.
  • Improves alertness and concentration due to improved blood circulation to the brain calming the mind, increasing mental performance.

Argi+ supports better health throughout the body.

It’s well known too for boosting sexual performance in Men. Just a scoop of Argi+ mixed with a glass of water helps provide a performance boost to every part of you!!!

30 satchets to last a full month

Ginkgo Plus

●Gingko Biloba has been used by the Chinese to treat sexual dysfunction since ancient times.

●The leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree contains antioxidants, flavonoids and terpenoids, which research has shown helps to increase sluggish blood flow, strengthen capillaries and also relax blood vessels.

●This allows the blood to flow more freely to the genitals and makes it easier to achieve and sustain erection, increases semen output, and enhances sensitivity.

●It also has the ability to reduce depression, stress as it’s known to be a remarkable “brain tonic” and increases energy.

●Don’t use ginkgo if you are on blood thinners. Eg (heparin,warfarin etc)

These 3 will work together to bring the best in you as a man.

Remarkably 98% of people reading this have have already placed their orders and enjoying it’s benefits. Note that These are not VIAGRAS but natural food supplements with no negative side effects.

Check OUT SOME OF MY HAPPY CLIENTS Enjoying the products, I cannot wait to hear your testimony too.

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Start your Fitness Journey With Excellent Results


We all want to be in comfortable bodies. The question is how do you get to achieve it?There is a difference between words and actions and when words are spoken actions come in handy.Have you at one point taken any action towards your words of desire🤷?If Yes.What step did you take? And what was the result? Were your expectations me?

Oh No? I am so sorry,I was not aware then -you wanted to get rid of excess weight.Now that I know,,Whoa!!!! I present to you AMAZING CLEAN 9 PACK consisting of Natural Supplements which aid in weight lose and management.


  • A drink that thoroughly cleanses your system to remove toxins that hinder weight-loss.
  • It brings out a healthy digestive system.


To clean out sludge from your gut and help you feel full throughout the programme.

forever fiber.jpg


  • From the garcinia cambogia fruit to prevent conversion of excess starch to fats and helps in burning fat cells.
  • Its also known for its amazing property of suppressing appetite.



  • A combination of vitamins and botanical extracts to boost metabolism.
  • Slow metabolism is one of the major causes of being overweight as mentioned earlier.
  • When you take therm, after eating, whatever the body needs for energy is taken and the rest instead of being converted to fats, it’s converted to energy.
  • It therefore boosts energy levels.

Forever Therm.jpg


  • To maintain the assets(muscle tissue) you like on your body…so that when you work out you only lose fat on tummy, love handles and arm fat.Areas of fat you didn’t have as a young girl or boy.
  • Those are the first to go!

forever lite ultra

Wow😋 What a wonderful combination.

Why have you been wanting to lose weight? Is it because of :

  • The nice dress that you can not fit now.


  • Susceptibility to diseases like High Blood Pressure,Cancer,Heart Attack And Diabetes.


  • Low self esteem.


  • Being laughed at by people around you.

Worry no more😄😄 we have got your back.In just 9days you will be able to fit in that nice body you have always desired.

Expected results after the 9days are below :

  • Lose between *3 to 6kgs and 2 to 5 inches around the waistline with one pack.
  • It will help you to jumpstart your journey to a *slimmer*, *healthier* you.

All the details of what to take, when and how, come with the pack and the booklet in the pack plus I will be your coach to guide you throughout to ensure you see the results you want!😀

If you need to lose more, you’ll need the continuation pack called FIT15 (F15) which lasts for 15 days.

All the best in your new step Forward.


Below are the testimonials from My happy clients:

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